Class D amp made easy with 555 timer IC

This is a continuation of my previous article regarding class d amp using 555 timer chip. Looking back to several schematics on that article, some of you may wonder why I include another 555 as U2 in the drawing. The main purpose of this U2 is to establish constant frequency trigger on pin 2 of U1 in such a way of maintaining stable PWM carrier frequency during audio input modulation. Continue reading “Class D amp made easy with 555 timer IC”

Class D amp using 555 timer

Perhaps 555 timer is the most versatile chip ever introduced during the 70’s and still being used by many due to its inherently innumerable uses such as LED  flashers for toys, battery regulators for cars, precision timing device for instrumentations and the list goes on. Not to mention its dirt cheap price and one of the most ubiquitous IC on earth. Continue reading “Class D amp using 555 timer”