This website is intended for electronic hobbyist or students who are looking for great ideas in designing class D audio amps, test instruments, or anything that may pertains to DIY electronic projects. I also add emphasis in the selection of low cost and readily available parts that will fit for the budget conscious DIY’ers. Well, as the name of this site implies, most of the circuits and parts that I will use are unique in a sense that their intended applications are not being mentioned nor recommended by their respective manufacturer’s application notes but surprisingly working in audio applications in a respectable manner. Furthermore, it will not risk the safety of the hobbyist nor will exacerbate their learning process but instead, these may boost their IQ, enthusiasm, and cleverness in their respective field of endeavor.

About me:

I’ve been an electronic hobbyist for 35 years and as a father of four, whom all of them has just completed their college degree, it’s quite regrettable that none of them inherited my hobby. But luckily all of them are dynamic thinkers as well albeit in their respective fields nonetheless.

“Extreme effort of thinking without anticipation for reward is fundamentally at the state of rewarding oneself”.

“The easiest path to reach to the top is to make yourself weightless at the bottom”.

Thanks for visiting my site.