2 channel 555 timer class d amp source

It’s more than one month now since I updated my last post and I regret that I couldn’t post anything within that length of time. This is due to the nature of my job. We left Tilbury last month and now we transferred here in Bremerhaven shipyard and our ship is still being dry docked for repair. Unfortunately we still don’t have any internet connection and our satellite is still under repair too. I just rely on outside wifi access so, this is my new follow up post as continuation for the unfinished topic for that post below. Hopefully, I will make a new post again if our internet connection will be restored soon.
My last article was still 555 timer so this is another neat idea how to get more useful circuit out of your 555 timer. I think it is not good to move on to another topic using another chip because every time I made a circuit out of this 555 timer, another idea pops-up in my mind to share. Continue reading “2 channel 555 timer class d amp source”